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From myself and on behalf of the club's board and elected members, we hope this message finds you and your family healthy and safe during these difficult times! Also, thank you for your tremendous support to the club!

I want to thank Katie Fitzsimmons, Lisa Williams, Bobby Williams, Nancy Buckley, Kathy Hegarty, and Big Mike Nicklaw for operating the curbside takeout during the quarantine! Great job by all!

On a financial note, we are still in good fiscal health after two months of being shut down. Treasurer Big Mike has done a great job with our bills and was able to work on a deferment of payment to our mortgage lender. A lot of the fiscal health goes out to all of you who made last year our most prosperous year. Lots of thanks to be handed out!

Here are a few housekeeping or informational tidbits. SCHOLARSHIPS are due by May 15th, you can get more information on our website at We provide three $1,000 scholarships each year.
MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS are collected starting May 1st each year and are due by July 31st. Renewal fees are $65. You can either mail in a check or renew through PayPal on our website. Early renewals will definitely help us during the lack of business.
ELECTIONS are coming up. Nominations for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, and Recording Secretary take place at our Monthly Membership Meeting in June, and elections will take place in July. The board will discuss the meeting attendance qualification, as obviously we did not have all of our meetings this past year.

Our last hurrah at the club was the weekend we had the Cape Cod Saint Patrick's Day parade, well it was a blast and very successful! Thank you to all of the Parade committee members for another great parade!

We all miss our music and musicians, just want to let you know that most are live streaming on Facebook, through Solidarity Sessions. Check it out and help the musicians as much as you can.

One last item and the last thought.
Labor Day weekend will be our 15th Anniversary Weekend, we plan on making it loads of fun! So, plan accordingly.

From Katie Fitzsimmons regarding why we are doing takeout,
"When we first decided to be open for takeout on St. Patrick's Day, it was to initially sell our inventory. After seeing the awesome response from our members, it was our decision to stay open for takeout. "I think at this time when you can't go hang with your friends, visit your family, can't hug your grandkids, feeling connected to something comfortable with, just to pick up dinner, let's you feel connected and a little less isolated."

The staff members are using masks and gloves at all times and the club is cleaned extensively. In order to keep contact to a minimum we just have the same crew working. We do appreciate all of you who have offered to help.

Let's see what May 18th brings. We miss you all and we hope to be back at having some good "Craic", soon!

Stay safe everyone! All the best!

Michael Regan, SOECC Pres.