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I hope my message finds all of you in good health! I just want to give you an update on the status of the club and possible club re-opening. Everyone is asking when will we open again, the simple answer is when we are allowed to by Governor Baker. We are hoping to open when restaurants are able to do so for indoor dining. We simply do not have the capability to provide outdoor dining.

Curbside takeout will continue until we re-open. Thank you for all of your support by ordering takeout dinners! Every little bit helps!

Financially we are still sound, so we have absolutely no plans to close, please dispel any of those rumors!! Of course, sales are down 21% from last year, but we are healthy! Big Mike has been diligent in regard to our finances and has worked on helping to reduce costs during this pandemic.

The Board met a few weeks ago and we decided to postpone monthly meetings until we can re-open safely. Hopefully, we can have a meeting in July. We also decided to postpone the nominations and elections of officers until we reconvene the meetings. With that being said and our inability to have meetings, we waived the meeting quota requirement for nominations.

Stay safe everyone and keep your fingers crossed that we open soon!

All the best!

Mike Regan