• Full Member – $65.00 per year plus a one-time initiation fee of $75. Full voting member.
  • Associate Member – $65.00 per year plus a one-time initiation fee of $75. Open to any Non-Irish spouse of a fully paid member. No  voting rights.
  • Lifetime Member – $1,000 payable in 4 installments or all at once.  Full voting member and special recognition at Club.

Click here for a Membership Application.

Click here for a Membership Renewal Application.

Membership renews each July and can be paid for by visiting the  Payments & Donations portion of the website.  A $25 late fee will be charged for any renewal received after August 1st.

On August 1st, all non-renewed member key cards will be turned off and member chips will be removed from the drum. To turn your key card back on and to have a chip placed back in the drum will cost you an additional $25.00 bringing the total cost to renew to $90.00, (or $92.95 on PayPal) after August 1st so let’s make it a point to renew before then.

***Please note that Memberships/Donations are not tax deductible.

All members are required to renew their dues by July 1st of each year. The cost of renewal is $65.00 this year and may be paid:

  • In cash at the club
    (make sure to get a receipt as this will be your only proof of payment)
  • By check at the club
  • Check by mail
    PO Box 403 South Yarmouth, MA 02664
  • Or on the Club's website (this page) by PayPal - see right column.

With the exception of PayPal transactions, all renewals should be accompanied with a completed Membership Renewal Application ( Click here ) that can be picked up at the club or downloaded here from the Club's website under the Membership Tab.


Membership Renewals are Due!

All members are required to renew their memberships by July 1st.
As of August 1st non-renewed members will be subject to a $25 late fee and their card will be deactivated. 

  • Membership cost is $65 for all members.
  • Memberships can be paid online through PayPal, or by cash or by check by mail or by giving the renewal form and payment to staff tending the bar at the Club.
  • A membership renewal form must accompany all renewal payments, except if paid using PayPal

    Download Membership Renewal Form - PDF, 61kb

Members have 4 ways to renew.

  • By check and mailed to: PO Box 403 South Yarmouth 02664;
  • By check and left with the bartender
  • With cash left with the bartender (make sure you have a receipt because that is the only proof of payment we will accept)
  • by PayPal on the website (Click Membership tab. See Membership Payment PayPal link in right column) 

Membership Application

The Membership Application is a 2-page PDF. Click here to Download
Download and save the blank form.
You can print the form and fill it out by hand, or 

You can open the form with Adobe Acrobat reader and fill out the form on your computer.
After filling it out, save the filled-out form and email it as an attachment to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You will be contacted by our Membership Commitee
We are looking forward to meeting you!


Since becoming President, I have mentioned on several occasions that we are a club comprised of members who volunteer their time to make the Sons of Erin CC a fun place to go and have a good time (Craic Mhaith) with good friends (Cairde Maithe). We need more members to step up and take ownership in the club by volunteering.

I am not talking a lot of time but a couple of hours every month or two. All of these committees need volunteers. The Greeting Committee, in particular, really needs volunteers to greet members at the door Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. This would be one night every two or three months for three hours and is a great way to meet other members. I know some of you are saying I can’t do that.

Trust me you can and we will show you how simple it is. I also promise that you will have a fun time doing this. If you are interested in any of the committee’s listed below please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating for what committee you would be interested in volunteering. I want to thank you in advance for helping out.

See 2017 Committee Members


Guest Policy

The Guest Policy is currently under review. Please check this page again for updates.