SOECC Officers for 2018 

  • President: Mike Regan
    The responsibilities of the President include running membership and Board meetings, making appointments to thevarious committees of the Club, and consulting with Club managers and staff to ensure smooth operation of the facilitiesand programs.
  • Vice President: Bobby Williams
    The Vice President takes over the powers and duties of the President in their absence, and keeps and distributes theminutes of the Board of Directors meetings.
  • Treasurer: Mike Nicklaw
    The Treasurer has charge of all Club funds, pays bills and must maintain correct and accurate records and provideregular financial reports to the officers and Board.
  • Recording Secretary: Nancy Apple
    The duties of the Recording Secretary include keeping accurate minutes of all meetings, providing them to members,and maintaining official records.
  • Membership Secretary: Susan Christiansen
    The Membership Secretary maintains membership records, receives and submits dues, and oversees interviews of prospective members.
  • Sergeant at Arms: Mike Cashman
    The Sergeant at Arms maintains order at meetings, and performs other duties assigned by the Board of Directors. Acomplete list of all duties of each officer is contained in the Club’s by-laws.
  • Bar Manager: Dennis Leary (appointed, not elected)
    The Bar Manager is ressposible for building maintenance and service at the bar.

A complete list of all duties of each officer is contained in the Club’s By-Laws.